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Our labels fit the needs of a diverse group of partners.

"Research shows "video is the best way to engage with your audience"

And as it happens “video is a the hearth of everything we do”.

With our proprietary video distribution platform with over 250.000 product videos and 3 billion online shopper events analysed.

“This opens up a lot of possibilities you do not have anywhere else” 

Did you know?
"For 10 years 90% of webshop visitors engage with our intelligent video platform"

With a market share of 70% we were proud to serve the biggest webshops like, Wehkamp, Blokker, Mediamarkt, Intertoys, Kieskeurig and many more. In that process we gained a deep insight of the performance of over 250.000 videos added to our proprietary video distribution platform - and did we analyse over 30 billion consumer (shopping) interactions.

Research shows "when a platform has emotional connection with visitors it's the perfect moment to engage "

And as it happens many of our labels are considered a platforms with high levels of emotional connections with their visitors.

On all our platforms

Highly secure Digital Asset Management Backbone

Our customers get to choose - when - how - who - can play their video library.

Some of the brands we work for

Research shows "people are most susceptive to books when they feel the need to improve their lives "

And as it happens our platform visitors want to better their lives.

Research shows "people have an innate desire to learn from others"

And as it happens “on our platforms learning through video is at the heart of what we do” and people are in need of coaches to guide them.

Research shows "video is the best medium to bring your message of your products across"

And as it happens “video is a the hearth of everything we do”.

"Six-fold checkout boost for Philips’ espresso machine line with Autheos"

Convinced our labels are unique?

Our platforms gives You THE TOOLS You Need To Maximize Your Video Strategy, Engage With Your Audience, Increase Conversion, Measure Your Results”

About us

Impacting audiences through engaging video strategiesis at the heart of everything we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are group of companies who each developed an unique way to connect with audiences through engaging video strategies. 

It all started with founders, real people, that had real needs that were neglected by the status quo. 

With this in mind each one of them started a personal journey with their needs and the needs of the people they want to serve in mind. 

Now many years later this is still the starting point of everything we do.

In that way, we are build from the ground up, by people for people. 

That’s an easy one. We believe experience is build overt time. That’s why it took us more then 10 years to get here. 

And…yes.. we do have more that 20years of working experience under the belt each.  

Can we meet your team. Yes.

You can meet some of our members by following this link 


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